Pancho Villa

From Burritos "Mission Style" to Tacos, Fajitas and a Full Mexican Food Menu with Many Surprises

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3071 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 864-8840
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10am - 10 pm

Traditional & Modern Mexican Food
Following the steps of El Toro Taqueria we continuously innovate balancing traditional Mexican food with bold additions such as the Chile Relleno Burrito

We're always creating Mexican dishes and variations that complement our traditional "Cocina Mexicana". Every innovation and new dish is carefully thought out, designed, tested and finally offered. Mexican cuisine and Mexican traditions as well as San Francisco innovative spirit are foundations of our restaurant, which you will find in our dishes and salsas.

Our chefs have a passion to develop recipes that surprise and delight our clients. Our satisfaction is to serve our clients surprising them and surpassing their expectations.

Visit us and explore our carefully crafted Mexican food menu over decades, there is much to discover!

Our Mexican Salsas
Year after year our salsas receive California awards for their quality, taste and texture. They are always made from scratch with the freshest ingredients, every day.

As El Toro Taqueria in the 80's started the trend of giving away nachos and salsas for free, we follow their tradition by paying full attention to every detail in making pour salsas. Our salsas have become a fundamental component of the experience of eating at our restaurant.

When you come to our restaurant or order on line we invite you to try all of our salsas and discover which ones you like best!

A Traditional & Modern Mexican Menu
From Burritos to fajitas, tacos, camarones, carnes and much more!

At the heart of coming to Pancho Villa in San Francisco is the experience eating Mexican food. Over decades we have found the balance between the dishes, salsa, nachos, beverages, ambiance and service... but at the end the central component is the food. We have created a wide range of dishes, options and additions for you to explore traditional and modern Mexican Food.

We invite you to come and explore our menu and salsas!