Mexican restaurant in San francisco with a variety of platters including meat, shrimp, beans, carnitas and almost any combination of mexican food.
A Taquería that brings in people from all ages and walks of life.
Our Mexican Food is authentic, every dish id created as true Mexican Food.
Mexican dish platter with shrimp, beef, chicken, avocado, beans and salad with delisious salsa in San Francisco
Shrimp burrito in the making in Pancho in the traditional Mexican restaurant located in The Mission, San Francisco.
Shrimp and Beef Taco, just delicious!
Taquitos, traditoinal Mexican style in San Francisco.
Shrimp Tacos are one of the most tipical dishes that gives our name Taquería.
Award winning Mexican salsa in San Francisco, always made from scratch, every day.
Award Winning Taquería in San Francisco.
Mexican churros in San Francisco.
Traditional Mexican Aguas, or fresh friuit juices.

Pancho Villa

Mexican Restaurant Offering their Famous Mission-Style Burritos and a Large Menu in San Francisco

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3071 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 864-8840
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10am - 10 pm

Taquería & Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco
Mission-Style Burritos, Tacos & Full Mexican Food Menu
Friendly and professional service, delicious high-quality Mexican food, a variety of dishes from burritos, tacos to fajitas, flautas, and much more, always with our awards winning sauces.


  • Order in advance - order ready when you come.
  • Skip the line (even at the Restaurant)!
  • Save on delivery fees.
  • Take a break... Walk, bike, drive to us!
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Our spacious, busy and fun environment greets you with award winning Tacos, burritos and Mexican food by our friendly and professional staff. Our sauces are central to our food, they have been collecting salsa awards year after year!

Everything is prepared with fresh ingredients from scratch, every day, and you will notice the difference!

From the service to our food, restaurant environment and setup, as well as in our on-line ordering, we pay attention to every detail resulting in the restaurant quality you can expect. More than three decades of experience and innovation in Mexican Food, especially Burritos an Tacos, with full dedication and care will be evident when you visit us. We like surprising our clients!

Mission-Style Burritos
Since the 80s we have contribute to create the staple "Mission-Style Burritos"... Come and try them!

"Burritos" have become a staple food in the Mission, San Francisco and the Peninsula, becoming our client's preferred dish. From ordering them on-line an picking them up ready to go or eating them at our restaurant,our clients keep returning to try their preferred burritos or to see what new burrito we have invented... We invite you to explore our sumptuous burritos!

Just one of our inventions is the "Chile Relleno Burrito", we believe that food should be a combination of tradition and creativity. Our experienced and excellent chefs are always at work on their passion to offer Mexican Food that will surprise and delight you!

fresh tacos with cream and salsa from a top Taqueria in San Francisco
People of all ages come for Tacos, burritos, and much more!
MExican salsa with smoked Chipotle chilies, award winning tradition in San Francisco.
Our tacos and burritos bring a lot of people that we feel like family.
Burrito made with shrimps and meat in San Francisco, California

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Order. Go on-line and place your order! You will be surprised of the many options and how easy it is.

Pickup. Take a break and walk, bike or drive to our restaurant! Ordering in advance you can specify the time to pick it up so you don't have to wait. Just one drive around the block and your friend or family will be ready with your order.

Even in the restaurant you can order on line to pay in advance and skip the line!

Delivery. If you don't have time or are tired to pick up an order, you can also order for delivery. Just order from our links. Unlike the pickup option, independent delivery services may charge additional fees.

Taqueria, Mexican Food & Restaurant innovators since 1987

Pancho Villa Taqueria was started after our original "El Toro Taqueria". A new restaurant is always an opportunity to keep improving and tuning in to what our clients want and like, which one one of our motivations. All the experience gained at El Toro Taqueria was applied to Pancho Villa Taqueria, adding a new restaurant to The Mission Mexican Food scene. Pancho Villa helped us serve pour growing clientele and demand, while making a more clear tribute to our Mexican heritage and culture.

Taquería with Great TacosWe called pourselves a Taquería well before the term became popular because we believe that great Tacos are at the very heart of Mexican food tradition. We don't cut any corners in creating true Mexican Tacos, and then innovate on them!

Nachos & Salsas are central to Pancho Villa Taqueria! Following the salsa innovations made by El Toro, we have continued perfecting every aspect of our salsas. They serve as as a model of perfection and high quality, a process that never ends. Our salsas win California Awards year after year.

Varied Expanded Menus. Pancho villa was also an opportunity to continue expanding our menu with new dishes and more options, at it is usual in North American restaurants culture.

New Burritos. Mission style burritos are of course a central part of Pancho Villa. We continued the El Toro's role in creating new styles of burritos, a task that we plan to continue doing forever - it is part of our creativity and passion for food.

We are entrepreneurs at heart, with Mexican food and restaurants as a mean to express it. A visit to our restaurant will make you experience it.